Did you know that the average attention span of a modern-day online shopper is only eight seconds? That means you have eight seconds to grab the attention of an average website viewer. As prospects land on your jewelry e-commerce platform with the intention of buying products, you have less than eight seconds to convince them to make a purchase.

Inline shoppers rely on images to make purchasing decisions. In other words, the amount of sales you make on your e-commerce website depends on the quality of your visuals. This guide will help you get ahead of necklace photography to drive more traffic to your website and increase sales.

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What Makes Necklace Photography Stand Out?

If you want to make your necklaces stand out and attract potential prospects, you need to capture the quality of your products. Your visuals should be engaging enough to help customers visualize themselves wearing your products.

necklace product photography tips for top shots

If you meet or exceed their expectations, you should see an increase in your browser-to-buyer conversion rate. To accomplish this, you must first understand what your products mean to your customers.

Most online shoppers view jewelry as fashionable adornments that complement their fashion and lifestyle choices. Pieces like necklaces, bracelets, and rings help reinforce people’s sense of individualism and give them an identity in an overcrowded world.

That means people are looking for jewelry that can make a fashion statement and give them unique looks. To them, jewelry is much more than just fashionable items. On the other hand, necklaces have taken dominance over other jewelry items, especially when it comes to gift applicability.

Creating stunning and immersive necklace photos can increase your chances of attaching an emotional value to your products. So, the best way to make your necklace photography pleasing to the eye is to present your products in a meaningful way that would appeal to the needs and wants of your target audience.

With that in mind, nothing conveys emotions better than sharp, polished, realistic photography. Aside from ensuring sales, such photography also connects your target audience to your brand. Brand loyalty elevates the quality of your products and makes your brand shine in an overwhelmingly competitive e-commerce business landscape.

Things You Need for a Necklace Photoshoot

The quality of your pendant photography depends on the equipment you use. You can’t expect to capture realistic, high-quality shots with an average camera. While it might sometimes work, you should invest in high-end equipment to avoid leaving anything to chance. Here’s what you’ll need to capture fantastic necklace photos that can speak volumes to your customers.

  • Lighting Equipment

necklace product photography led lighting equipment

Light is critical to taking beautiful, detailed, and crisp photos of your necklaces. If you’re going with natural lighting, pick a room with a lot of windows to ensure you have enough light. If natural lighting isn’t an option, you should consider investing in artificial light sources like a softbox.

You can consider lighting options by checking out lighting kits on Amazon. You can buy a decent lighting kit for about $60 on the platform. However, buying tons of LED lights and reflectors doesn’t necessarily guarantee top-class photography. That’s why you should keep your lighting equipment as simple as possible.

Though lighting matters, the camera you opt for is equally important. In fact, the lighting equipment you choose would depend on the camera you use. Different camera options dictate different lighting tactics in a necklace photoshoot.

  • A Professional Camera

photograph pendant necklaces camera selection

The quality of your necklace photos mostly depends on the type of camera and lenses you choose. The trick to getting a professional camera without breaking the bank is to balance your available market options and the budget you can afford.

In product and jewelry photography, DSLR cameras give the best results. You should also consider investing in macro lenses to ensure the highest quality of your necklace photos.

Macro lenses combined with a DSLR camera give you top-class e-commerce jewelry photography. You can buy an entry-level DSLR camera for less than $500, while the prices of decent-quality macro lenses vary between $300 and $800.

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necklace product photography various props

Using appropriate props to display your necklaces helps grab your customers’ attention. For example, pendant stands help viewers visualize how your necklaces would look on them when worn in real life.

The necklace stands may vary in size and shape depending on the length of your jewelry products. The best option is to choose multipurpose pendant stands with multiple slots. Props help you accomplish a consistent look in your photos by complementing your jewelry products and the background.

If you’re using a white background, match it with an appropriate stand to get the most out of the lighting. Props can also help provide your target audience with a seamless and engaging customer experience.

  • Lightbox

photograph pendant necklaces lightbox

A full LED lightbox and flash lighting are the best options for photographing necklaces. Aside from being well-suited to this type of photography, a lightbox for jewelry photography helps you conquer the challenge of capturing the grandeur of your jewelry.

Since different materials respond to light differently, jewelry requires more light than other products. You can harness the intensity of your lighting and handle reflection using flash. Diamonds and gold reflect light.

Photographing these materials requires directional LED flashes to capture and highlight every detail of your jewelry products. Necklaces may be difficult to photograph because they’re made of transparent materials. Thankfully, directional lighting helps you take superb shots to highlight every facet of your necklaces.

  • Tripods and stabilizers

necklace photography tripods and stabilizers

The last thing you need is losing photography quality due to camera shakes. When dealing with jewelry photography, any minor movement might result in blurry photos. Hand-holding the camera exposes your photography efforts to camera shakes.

Thankfully, investing in a tripod with stabilizers helps you avoid unwanted camera shakes. In most cases, a removable tripod ball head will do just fine for your necklace photography needs. Aside from eliminating camera shakes, a tripod ensures fluid camera movement and empowers you to take high-quality shots from different angles.

  • Background

necklace product photography white background

A white background is the best option for necklace photography. You can create it in many different ways. For example, a white paper sweep can be an excellent background if you need to take many different photos.

You can also use a poster board as a background. Poster boards are available both online and offline and are pretty affordable. In addition, consider using a white foam board to handle light reflection and shadow. Remember that the background should not overpower the product you’re shooting.

Necklace Product Photography Tips

creative necklace photography product tips

Now that you know the basics of necklace photoshoot, here are some top creative necklace photography tips to get you started.

  • Take Shots From the Customer’s Point of View

photograph pendant necklaces customer point of view

Take a moment to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Imagine the kind of necklace photos you’d like to see as a customer. Putting yourself in the customer’s point of view allows you to understand what kind of visuals your consumers prefer.

It also allows you to set up a necklace photoshoot from their perspective. You can arrange the setup and style your necklaces how your customers want to wear them.

  • Experiment With Multiple Angles

pendant photography with multiple angles

Try to capture as many angles as possible so your viewers can easily relate to your products and understand your offer. Show them your necklaces from every angle to help them understand their scale, size, shape, and how your items look when worn.

You should also consider shooting your necklaces in different settings to allow customers to visualize themselves wearing your products and establish visual communication. Top-grade necklace photography allows your brand to appeal to the target audience through immersive visuals.

Consumers rely on images to make buying decisions in an internet-driven business landscape. Therefore, high-end photography is critical in helping you drive traffic, capture leads, and improve conversion rates.

  • Showcase All the Details

necklace product photography showcase details

Enabling photo zoom on your e-commerce website is paramount to driving customers to buy your products. However, that requires you to capture high-resolution images to showcase all the details. The zoom function on your website allows your target audience to click and enlarge the photo to inspect every part of your necklace.

Showcasing the details helps online shoppers visualize what your necklace looks like on them. Detailed jewelry images help customers set expectations and decide whether to trust you with their money.

  • Suspend Products

necklace product photography suspend item

When photographing a jewelry piece, such as a necklace with a pendant or a longer chain, you should suspend the item to get the best shot.

Doing so helps you create an airy and open feel to the photos. It also helps your viewers focus on the necklace. You suspend products using clasps, metal balls, or beads.

  • Use Black or White Backgrounds

black white background necklace product photography

The color of the background you use for your necklace product photography depends on the quality and material of your products. White and black backdrops are the two most common options for necklace photography.

Though many photographers opt for a black backdrop, white is more prominent, especially for e-commerce necklace photos. If your necklaces contain imperfectly cut stones, your products will look better on a white background.

On the other hand, black works best for light-toned necklaces as it gives them an attention-grabbing, almost dramatic appeal. Regardless of the color you prefer, make sure the background doesn’t overpower the item you’re shooting.

You don’t want to distract prospects. Instead, the right background can help your target audience connect to the necklace automatically.

In comparison to the black backdrop, a white background offers a few advantages:

  • It’s a preferred option for popular e-commerce platforms such as eBay and Amazon;
  • It gives your photography a professional look;
  • It makes necklaces look more sophisticated.
  • Use Soft Lighting

necklace product photography soft lighting

If you ask professional jewelry photographers about the best lighting solution for jewelry photography, most of them will recommend lightboxes. Why? Because a high-end lightbox diffuses lights evenly and helps you manage reflections and shadows.

Soft and diffused lighting creates enough dramatic effect to make your necklace photos stand out. It empowers you to capture stunning final results while giving your viewers that dreamy, almost romantic vibe.

Instead of using front lighting and on-camera flash that make your necklace photos dull and uninspiring, soft lighting helps you accentuate the beauty of your products. More importantly, it lets you deal with the jewelry’s reflective surface and add depth to your photography.

  • Edit Photos

After shooting your necklaces, you should edit photos to prepare them for your e-commerce website. Post-production processing typically involves editing and retouching your photography to give it an attention-grabbing and professional look.

While you can always hire a professional editor to handle your post-production needs, this tends to be expensive. A more affordable but time-consuming route would be learning how to edit photos yourself.

If you don’t mind spending extra time and effort, you can use an online image generator and editor to get ahead of the photo editing basics. For example, AI-powered photo editors allow you to edit photos using automated tools.

[HOT] Use Modern AI Tools to Create Unique Necklace Product Photos

AI product photography tools can analyze your images to enhance their appearance, remove imperfections, correct blur, remove backgrounds, and adjust colors and lighting according to your needs. One such user-friendly tool is Booth.ai. Booth.ai is an AI-powered image generator that empowers you to instantly create exceptional quality product images by inputting a description of what you want to do with your photos. You just upload a simple product photo and specify what you want Booth.ai to do with it for you.

ai tool for necklace product photography

Booth.ai will use your reference photo to generate a new, custom-tailored image according to your needs, business vision, and brand. Booth.ai helps you create engaging, immersive, and unique necklace images in three simple steps. Here’s how.

Step 1: Upload your necklace image

Visit Booth.ai and create a trial account. Locate the interface and click AI Scene Generator. Navigate to the Plus sign in the sidebar and click to upload your necklace photo.

upload necklace photos to ai
Step 2: Choose your workflow

Booth.ai will take a minute to process your image and analyze its characteristics. Once it completes processing your photo, click the Choose Workflow tab to see your image editing options. Click on Product scene change to change the background of your necklace image.

choose the ai workflow
Step 3: Generate a new image

Before you generate new images, customize your photo settings by selecting lighting options and camera angles. You can also submit a text prompt to experiment with different photo settings, such as: a model wearing your product, time of day, and fixing photo imperfections like motion blur. Once you’re done, click Generate Images to receive enhanced product photos.

generate new necklace photos with text prompts


If you want to beat your competitors and expand your jewelry business to new markets, you’ll need captivating, one-of-a-kind necklace photos to make your brand stand out. Though this may turn out to be more of a challenge than it seems, start by checking your competitors’ online stores.

That should help you understand what type of visuals work for them and their target audience. Apply that knowledge to your necklace photography, and you should be able to generate compelling photos that build your brand and sell products.

Keep in mind that necklace photography demands experience, skill, and knowledge. Though it takes hard work, top-grade photography will surely pay off in the long run through higher sales and revenue.

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